Travel writing

Please contact us to describe your audience, its special areas of interest and how together we can create a dynamic program.

Travel Writing Mini-Seminar

Learn tips on how to write and market travel articles. Belliveau will describe:

  • Seven ways to improve your travel writing
  • Seven ways to recall your adventures
  • The importance of photographs
  • Resource books
  • Ways to find markets
  • Ethics.

We can discuss participants’ specific interests, including literary writing, destination pieces or guidebooks; travel writing as a sideline or full-time profession; and markets including newspapers, magazines, books and self-publishing.

Cultural Insights from Travel Writers

You’ve probably been inspired to take — or avoid! — trips described by the big talents of the modern era, Paul Theroux and Bruce Chatwin, or laughed out loud at Dave Barry and Redmond O’Hanlon’s misadventures in Japan and Borneo.

Learn how travel writers provide cultural clues as well as inspiration. The great female travel writers — Mary Kingsley, Dervla Murphy and Martha Gellhorn — can help us see past the tourist experience to the heart of a country. You’ll learn how literature — particularly the works of James Michener — can help you prepare for trips and relive your adventures after you return home.