Cultural presentations

Please contact us to describe your audience, its special areas of interest and how together we can create a dynamic program.

At some colleges, the Student Government Association, business school or geography department may be able to help sponsor an event.

Becoming a Cultural Explorer

Real on-the-road encounters in Brazil, Japan, Greece, England and China to illuminate:

  • Ways to be accepted and understood.
  • How to learn from inevitable missteps.
  • 4 tools for success for foreign students in the United States
  • 7 tools for Study Abroad students.
  • The simple word that almost invariably creates problems between Americans and most other people.

Your group will be prepared for a smoother adjustment to life in a new land, and a creative reading list will enable additional country-specific learning.

Succeeding in Europe

The problem? The centuries-old — and widening — gulf between acceptable American and European behavior. The solution? Former expatriate Jeannette Belliveau will unlock many of the mysteries of why Europeans might like some Americans and not others.

  • Why are Americans so different to Europeans?
  • What special skills does the American need to navigate socially in Britain, France, Ireland and the Netherlands?
  • Special module on request: Specific issues for U.S. minority students in Europe.

Succeeding in the United States

Confused about how to behave in the United States?

So are many Americas!

We’ll try to make sense of our heterogenous society for participants, looking at three real-world foreign students, Joseph, Barbara and Justin, who varied enormously in their experiences while studying in the United States. Wait until you hear how easy some of their tips are!