Adventure presentations

Please contact us to describe your audience, its special areas of interest and how together we can create a dynamic program.

At some colleges, the Student Government Association, business school or geography department may be able to help sponsor an event.

Discover Adventure Travel
The Yucatan, Madagascar, China, East Africa

What’s it like to travel in Madagascar or China? How can you find companions, time and money? What are safe destinations for women and solo travelers? What’s a great starter destination? What are three things you do not have to worry about? What about language and food? Interactive, multimedia mini-seminar appropriate for both beginners and advanced travelers, travel agency staff, geography students and (with its images of exotic places) home-schooled children.

Love, Sex, Romance and Travel

Tens of thousands of women take foreign lovers when they travel. In Italy, in Jamaica, in Greece, in Kenya, in Thailand, today’s female traveler does not hesitate to include romance as part of her vacation. We’ll discuss what’s going on, why women indulge in hedonism and exotic romance, and the advantages and disadvantages of various destinations for the adventurous woman.

A Woman’s Guide to Global Adventure
China, Bali and Java, Hawaii, Greece, Madagascar

Visit the world through the eyes of some of the best (and worst!) women travelers! Diane’s visit to Bali will touch you, and Sadie’s China train trip will have you exasperated — while many admire how Stephany, Genevieve and Melissa approach the exotic world.

Exploring Hidden Borneo
Borneo (Kalimantan)

What happens when a woman from Maryland goes to Borneo’s most remote region? Enthralling tales of hiking with children in the rainforest, impassable rapids, longhouse ceremonies and dancing, luscious pineapples, hungry leeches and risky airfields carved out of mountainsides for the brave pilots of the Mission Aviation Fellowship.

Exploring Brazil
The Amazon, Pantanal and Northeast

Panorama of the spectacular bird life, Amazon Indian culture, a deserted Hundred Years of Solitude seaside town, and Salvador, the African heart of the Americas.