Romance on the Road

“Fascinating, original, honest and revealing.”
— Suzanne Siegel, Marie Claire

Romance on the Road For the first time ever, Romance on the Road will tell the compelling story of female travelers around the globe who flee loneliness and seek adventure in the arms of virile strangers in exotic settings.

Romance romps through history, beginning with pioneer sex-seekers casually picking up men in 1840s Rome. Today, charter flights full of ladies — including grandmothers! — seek youthful lovers in Greece, Jamaica, Barbados, Thailand, Kenya, Nepal and many other places.

Author Jeannette Belliveau explores the reasons so many women have plunged into the hedonistic world of sex tourism and the risks and rewards they face in their hunt for pleasure, healing and love. Though hundreds of thousands of women have indulged in holiday liaisons, their behavior remains one of the last remaining taboos.

Belliveau is uniquely qualified to finally reveal the hidden behavior of traveling women. After a painful divorce, she spent 12 years in sexual exile, with only cheerful foreign men able to provide the no-strings intimacy that was all she could handle. Yet these gallant souls, many from Caribbean islands, set her on a road to healing and accepting a black man permanently in her life — as her second husband. “Your book reads like a love letter to Lamont,” said one wise early reader.

The author blends anecdote with scholarly, exclusive findings. For the first time anywhere, Romance on the Road presents original research on the top countries that U.S. women visit to find husbands, as well as the drawbacks and advantages of the men available in most touristed regions of the world. Say traveling women, tourism scholars, and mental health professionals who counsel single urban women who have read the manuscript, Romance is “sexy, funny, a wonderful, wonderful book,” “bound to be a hit” and “I wish the chapters would never end.” They are holding their breath until they can hold the completed book!

The true travel stories in Romance on the Road are as molten as the finest erotica. Yet this the author balances the “hot stuff” with brilliant insights and tough detective work showing how travel flings embody a revolution in mate selection and mark ebbs and flows in feminist progress.

One word appeared over and over in reviews of Belliveau’s first book, An Amateur’s Guide to the Planet: “FASCINATING.” Romance on the Road is hotter, more controversial, and doubly captivating!