Jeannette Belliveau

A world traveler, journalist and speaker, Jeannette Belliveau has written two unique and fascinating books.

In An Amateur’s Guide to the Planet, Jeannette took travel writing in a new direction, pushing for insights that would light the way for other adventurers to understand the world and its connections. See reviews.

In Romance on the Road, she has pioneered in reviving the field of sexual geography, a discipline dormant for more than a century. See reviews.

Thinking travelers can visit her resources recommending intriguing books, DVDs, music and international cookbooks.

If you teach others, you can download free study guides for cultural geography, sexual geography and world regional geography, as well as for intercultural communication, ecology and the environment, and missiology.

You may also find useful ideas by looking at the intercultural communication reading lists for books and magazines.

For a dynamic presentations on adventure travel, cultural exploration or travel literature, please contact her!